The next rural and regional outreach visit will take place in the Illawarra Region from 26 to 29 November 2018.

The Rural and Regional Outreach Program commenced in 2001 to bring corruption prevention advice and resources on-site to non-metropolitan areas of NSW. The ICAC conducts two comprehensive Rural and Regional Outreach visits each year.

Each visit includes training workshops for public sector managers and supervisors, a community leaders' event and briefing sessions.  

These visits aim to:

  • raise understanding of corruption risks
  • provide practical corruption prevention information
  • give advice on how to report corrupt activities.

Outreach workshops for public officials

ICAC officers run free workshops for public officials on:

  • ICAC's powers, functions and resources for the public sector
  • identifying corruption risks
  •  corruption prevention in procurement
  • putting corruption prevention strategies in place
  • managing internal reporting systems
  • fact finding and conducting internal investigations within a public sector agency/council.

Supervisors and middle-to-senior local and state government managers should attend the workshops. Although these workshops are free, spaces are limited so it is always good to book early. If attendance is not possible on the day, please arrange for another staff member to attend.

Community activities

The Commission hosts a Community Leaders Forum as part of each outreach visit. Prominent members of the local community are invited to attend the forum and learn about the work of the ICAC from members of our executive. Attendees also have the opportunity to ask questions about the Commission's role and its functions in combating public sector corruption in NSW. The ICAC also invites a speaker from other integrity organisations such as the NSW Ombudsman to address the forum.

Visits to local councils and state agencies

Our teams of ICAC officers travel to locations around NSW as part of the Rural and Regional Outreach Program to talk with regional offices of state agencies and to local councils. The discussions are informal and cover a wide range of corruption resistance related issues. There is the opportunity to ask questions, raise problems and discuss relevant events with ICAC staff.

Enquiries and contact details

For more information on the ICAC's Rural and Regional Outreach Program:

  • send an email, or
  • call the community awareness coordinator on 02 8281 5767.