NSW public officials and members of Parliament – allegations concerning corrupt conduct involving Australian Water Holdings Pty Ltd (Operation Credo)

The ICAC is investigating allegations that persons with an interest in Australian Water Holdings Pty Ltd (AWH) obtained a financial benefit through adversely affecting the official functions of Sydney Water Corporation (SWC) by: including expenses incurred in other business pursuits in claims made on SWC for work on the North West Growth Centre; drawing from funds allocated for other purposes; and preventing SWC from ascertaining the true financial position, including the level of the executives’ remuneration.

The Commission is also investigating whether public officials and others were involved in the falsification of a cabinet minute relating to a public private partnership proposal made by AWH intended to mislead the NSW Government Budget Cabinet Committee and obtain a benefit for AWH, and other related matters.

The Commission has been unable to progress the publication of the Operation Credo report owing to the criminal proceedings being conducted by the Director of Public Prosecutions against Mr Edward Obeid and Mr Moses Obeid. While those proceedings arise out of the Operation Jasper investigation, the Commission is of the view, in accordance with section 18 of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988, that the publication of the Operation Credo report during the currency of criminal proceedings may prejudice the right of the accused to a fair trial.

As there are common elements to this investigation and Operation Spicer, the evidence taken in each operation is taken as evidence in both operations.

For information about the Operation Spicer report, published on 30 August 2016, visit this page.

In both operations Credo and Spicer, the Commission also investigated the circumstances in which false allegations of corruption were made against senior SWC executives.

Transcripts Transcripts
View all transcripts associated with this investigation. The Commission makes every effort to post the daily transcripts of its public inquiries on its website by 8:00 pm each day when possible. If the Commission sits later than 4:00 pm, the daily transcripts, particularly the afternoon session, may not be available until the next working day. View transcripts
Public Notices, Media Releases and Fact Sheets Public Notices, Media Releases and Fact Sheets
Operation Spicer report to be furnished 30 August 2016 View media release
Updated Operations Credo and Spicer reports status View public notice
Operations Credo and Spicer reports status View public notice
MEDIA ALERT: Operation Spicer public inquiry resumes this Wednesday View media release
Operation Spicer amended public notice View public notice
Operation Spicer public inquiry resumes Wednesday 6 August 2014 View media release
MEDIA ALERT: Public inquiry into allegations concerning soliciting, receiving and concealing payments (Operation Spicer) starts Monday View media release
MEDIA ALERT: Public inquiry into alleged corruption involving public officials and persons with interest in Australian Water Holdings starts Monday View media release
Directions for operations Credo and Spicer public inquiries View public notice
MEDIA ALERT: Operations Credo and Spicer directions hearing to be held tomorrow View media release
Operation Credo public notice View public notice
Operation Spicer public notice View public notice
ICAC public inquiries into alleged corruption concerning MPs, Australian Water Holdings and political donations View media release
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Section 112 - Variation of Suppression Order - E Obeid - 14 March 2014
Section 112 - Variation of Suppression Order - P Costa - 14 March 2014

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