Burwood Council - conduct of two Burwood councillors (Operation Odin)

The ICAC investigated a number of allegations of corrupt conduct involving bribery relating to Burwood Council.

It was alleged that the mayor and former mayor were bribed to approve development applications.

It was also alleged that they received these bribes whilst travelling to Lebanon on a Council-funded trip with developers in August and September 2004, that they deceived Burwood Council about key aspects of the trip to Lebanon and that the reimbursement of their flight costs was inappropriate.

The ICAC also investigated complaints that  the mayor had failed to properly disclose pecuniary interests relating to Council business.

In its report on this investigation, made public on 7 August 2006, the ICAC made no findings of corrupt conduct against any person. The report made five corruption prevention recommendations - two to Burwood Council in relation to its overseas travel policy and the disclosure of non-pecuniary conflicts of interest, and three to the Department of Local Government in relation to the disclosure and management of pecuniary interests.

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.