Department of Corrective Services - first report - conduct of a prison officer and related matters

The ICAC conducted a major investigation into the conduct of officers of the NSW Department of Corrective Services (DCS) and other persons in relation to the operation of that Department. Five investigation reports, each dealing with a separate aspect of this investigation were produced and made public between February 1998 and April 2000.

The ICAC's first report on this investigation, made public in February 1998, dealt with allegations relating to the conduct of one Prison Officer. The ICAC's investigation established that the Prison Officer was responsible for instigating an assault by one or more prisoners on another prisoner. The investigation also disclosed improper associations by the Prison Officer with two persons, one of whom was a known drug trafficker and the other of whom was a well-known Sydney crime figure.

In this report the ICAC made corrupt conduct findings against the Prison Officer, the known drug trafficker and the crime figure. It was also recommended that consideration be given to the prosecution of the drug trafficker for offences under section 87 of the ICAC Act.

The report also detailed inadequacies in the then current DCS policy in relation to the entry to and exit from correctional centres by prison officers, and the searching of items carried by them into prisons. The ICAC recommended that the DCS develop a new policy to govern prison officers' entry into and exit from correctional officers and to search prison officers for contraband items they may be smuggling in for prisoners.

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