Public Employment Office - evaluation of the position of Director-General, Department of Community Services

The ICAC investigated the evaluation conducted by the Public Employment Office (PEO) of the position of Director-General, Department of Community Services. The ICAC also investigated the recommendation and decision relating to the removal and unattachment of the incumbent Director-General from that position and the subsequent decision to revoke his removal.

The ICAC's report on this investigation, made public in November 1996, made no findings of corrupt conduct against any person. Recommendations were made in the report that consideration be given to the taking of disciplinary action against two PEO officers.

The ICAC’s investigation identified serious flaws in practices and procedures of the PEO in relation to the administration of the job evaluation process and made six corruption recommendations - four to the Premier's Department and two to all NSW public sector organisations. 

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.