Roads and Traffic Authority - an RTA officer's dealings with real estate agents and others regarding the sale of RTA property

The ICAC investigated dealings between a sales administrator employed by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), and a number of real estate agents retained by the RTA to sell land.

In its report on this investigation, made public in February 1995, the ICAC made findings of corrupt conduct against the sales administrator and four real estate agents, and recommended that consideration should be given to the prosecution of the sales administrator for specified offences and to the taking of disciplinary action against him with a view to dismissing him from the RTA, dispensing with or otherwise terminating his services.

In its report the ICAC also analysed the findings of an RTA review of property disposal policies and procedures, summarised remedial action proposed by the RTA, and made six corruption prevention recommendations to the RTA.

 This report is no longer available online. Request the report.