NSW Police Service - first and second reports - relationship between police and criminals

The ICAC investigated the relationship between police (especially detectives) and criminals after January 1975, with particular reference to defined areas of criminality, including armed robberies and illegal gambling. The ICAC also examined the practices and procedures of the NSW Police Service in handling complaints made by police officers against police officers.

The ICAC produced two reports on this investigation.

In its first report, made public in February 1994, the ICAC examined the dealings between police and criminals in several sets of circumstances, including criminals paying money to police to avoid prosecution or conviction. Findings of corrupt conduct were made against 11 persons and recommendations were made that consideration be given to the prosecution of, or taking of disciplinary action against, 13 persons.

This report is no longer available online. Request the first report.

The ICAC's second report, made public in April 1994, focused on the administrative systems and management issues identified in the course of the investigation: management of informers; conduct of criminal investigations; record-keeping; police and prosecutions; and misconduct and complaints. Sixteen corruption prevention recommendations were made in this report.  

This report is no longer available online. Request the second report.