State Rail Authority - operation and management of the Trackfast Division

The ICAC conducted an investigation into (1) the operation and management of Trackfast between April 1989 and December 1991 and (2) the methods of allocating work to and making payments to contractors in the Northern Region of the State Rail Authority (SRA) between June 1989 and December 1991. The ICAC produced two reports, each dealing with one segment of the investigation.

The ICAC's first report, made public in September 1992, was concerned with the awarding and renegotiation of an interim contract for door-to-door delivery within the Sydney Metropolitan area, the awarding of a contract for small freight delivery and payments under that contract.

In its report the ICAC made a finding of corrupt conduct against the then Fleet Resources Manager of Trackfast and stated its opinion that consideration should be given to the taking of disciplinary action against him.

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.