Department of Motor Transport and Roads and Traffic Authority - driver licensing

The ICAC investigated the payment of sums of money by driving instructors, with or without the knowledge of their pupils, to driver examiners.  The period under investigation was the 1980s, when licences were issued by the Department of Motor Transport and, from January 1989, the Roads and Traffic Authority.

In its two-volume investigation report, made public in December 1990, the ICAC made corrupt conduct findings against 61 individuals. The ICAC recommended to the Chief Executive of the Roads and Traffic Authority that consideration be given to terminating the services of 14 driver examiners, and the driving instructor's licenses of 23 individuals. The report also states the opinion that the Department of Public Prosecutions consider the prosecution of 13 individuals for specified criminal charges, including giving false evidence pursuant to section 87 of the ICAC Act.

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.