NSW Police - alleged fabrication of evidence

The ICAC investigated allegations arising out of a raid by NSW Police officers on premises in Redfern. It was alleged then and later that evidence was fabricated to the detriment of the then occupant of the premises. Those said to be involved were senior police officers.

During the exercise of the search warrant a small quantity of heroin was found but the occupant of the premises complained on the day that the heroin had been 'planted' in a pocket of his suit coat.  

In its investigation report, made public in December 1989, the ICAC stated that there was insufficient evidence to justify prosecution of any of the five Police officers subject of the investigation in relation to the alleged fabrication of evidence. The report also recommended that "close consideration be given to amending the ICAC Act, and in particular s.74(5), so as to render it sensible and comprehensible".

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.