RailCorp - allegations of fraud and bribery in relation to procurement (Operation Monto)

The ICAC investigated allegations that RailCorp employees and contractors acted fraudulently and/or engaged in bribery in relation to the procurement of goods and services.

The ICAC's first and second reports were made public in August 2008, the third, fourth, fifth and sixth reports in September 2008, the seventh report in November 2008 and the eighth report, which addressed corruption prevention issues, was made public in December 2008.

The ICAC made 96 findings of corrupt conduct against 31 people in relation to all segments of this investigation, and stated its opinion that consideration should be given to obtaining the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions with respect to the prosecution of 33 individuals for a total of 663 criminal offences.

The final report made 40 corruption prevention recommendations about changes to RailCorp’s structure, practices and procedures aimed at reducing opportunities for similar corrupt conduct to occur, or continue to occur.

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.