Sydney Ferries - fraudulent creation and use of tickets at Manly Wharf

The ICAC investigated the conduct of ticket sellers at Manly Wharf. The investigation disclosed that a number of employees manipulated the ticket selling machines at Manly Wharf to produce tickets that could be sold but which were not recorded by the ticketing system as sold tickets.

In its report on this investigation, made public in October 1999, the ICAC made findings of corrupt conduct against five former Sydney Ferries employees and stated its opinion that consideration should not be given to the prosecution of, or taking of disciplinary action against, any person.

The ICAC established that the corrupt conduct had occurred because no one in the revenue department of Sydney Ferries or supervisors of the relevant staff were aware of how the ticket machines operated or understood the system’s internal checks to detect fraud. An analysis of the shortcomings that permitted the ticket sellers’ misconduct to go undetected for so long and the changes made by Sydney Ferries in response were detailed in the report.

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.