Department of Corrective Services - second report - inappropriate relationships with inmates

The ICAC conducted a major investigation into  the conduct of officers of the NSW Department of Corrective Services (DCS) and other persons in relation to the operation of that Department. Five investigation reports, each dealing with a separate aspect of this investigation were produced and made public between February 1998 and April 2000.

The second report on this investigation, made public in November 1998, dealt with the conduct of a former DCS employee and a nurse formerly employed by the Corrections Health Service (CHS) and their relationships with inmates. Findings of corrupt conduct were made against the former DCS employee, the former CHS employee and an inmate

The ICAC stated its opinion that consideration be given to the prosecution of the former CHS employee for specified offences and to the taking of action against her for professional misconduct and/or unsatisfactory conduct pursuant to the provisions contained in Part 5 of the Nurses Act 1991.

The report identifies a number of relevant corruption prevention issues and notes actions taken by DCS and CHS to address these.

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.