NSW Police - charter of aircraft by the Police Air Wing

The ICAC investigated the conduct of a former Police Air Wing officer in relation to the allocation of all Police Air Wing charter work for fixed-wing aircraft to one private charter company.

In its report on this investigation, made public in October 1996, the ICAC made findings of corrupt conduct against the former Police Air Wing Officer and stated its opinion that consideration should be given to his prosecution for a specified offence and to the taking of disciplinary action against him.

The ICAC also made findings of corrupt conduct against the proprietor of the private charter company to which Police Air Wing charter work had been allocated, and stated that it proposed to refer the general issue of the proprietor's and his company's non-compliance with Commonwealth legislation dealing with aircraft safety and maintenance to the appropriate Commonwealth authority.

In its report, the ICAC identified issues related to secondary employment and procurement that allowed corruption to occur and continue, and resulted in one private company obtaining an effective monopoly over Polic Air Wing charter work, at considerable cost to taxpayers.  

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.