Recommendations for corruption prevention and updates

As part of its investigation the ICAC analysed the organisational context in which corrupt conduct occurred and has made six corruption prevention recommendations to TransGrid to help manage the identified corruption risks and help prevent the recurrence of corrupt conduct.


That TransGrid reviews its procedures relating to the
circumstances in which contract variations occur to
minimise the risk of contract variations being used to
circumvent competitive tender processes. This review
should include situations where the nature of the works
falls outside of the scope of the contract.


That TransGrid undertakes periodic internal audits of its
contract variations to ensure compliance with its policy and
procedures relating to Recommendation 1.


That TransGrid adopts a policy on its staff providing referee
reports and/or endorsements for contractors. Should
TransGrid permit its staff to provide such reports, the policy
should clearly set out the circumstances in which referee
reports can be provided and any limitations on this practice.
The policy should also be clearly communicated to all
relevant staff.


That TransGrid's procurement procedures make provision
for minority reports and require that any minority reports
be submitted along with majority reports to the appropriate
approval authority.


That TransGrid considers ensuring that all personnel who
act as members on a tender evaluation committee undergo
a procurement training program, and that the procurement
training program includes:

  • an explanation of the roles and responsibilities of each
    tender evaluation committee member;
  • an explanation of the roles and responsibilities of the
    tender evaluation committee convenor;
  • an explanation of the Evaluation Matrix (or equivalent
    document) and how the tenders are scored
  • the processes involved in signing the Evaluation Matrix
    (or equivalent document)
  • the circumstances in which a tender evaluation
    committee member may decide to submit a minority
    report, who this report would be submitted to and the
    processes involved in submitting this report
  • the processes involved in preparing the report
    recommending the preferred tender.


That TransGrid undertakes its proposed review of policies and
procedures to address the corruption risks arising from the
unauthorised release of confidential information.
As part of the performance of its statutory functions the
Commission will monitor the implementation of the corruption
prevention recommendations made as a result of this

The recommendations will be communicated to TransGrid with
a request that an implementation plan for the recommendations
be provided to the Commission within three months of the
publication of this report. The Commission will also request
progress reports on the implementation of recommendations at
intervals of 12 and 24 months after the publication of this report.

Implementation Plan

The implementation plan posted below has been provided by TransGrid in response to the ICAC's corruption prevention recommendations. Its appearance here is for information only and does not constitute the approval or endorsement of the plan by the Commission.

TransGrid - Implementation Plan

TransGrid - Final 12 month progress report