Findings of corrupt conduct

 The ICAC found that the following people engaged in corrupt conduct by receiving gifts and benefits from supplier companies as an inducement to continue placing orders with these companies or as a reward for placing orders with these companies: Glen Lapham of Ballina Shire Council, Graham Gibbons of Bathurst Regional Council, Anthony Harman of Broken Hill City Council, Ronita Tompsett of Burwood Council, Robert Vagne of Byron Shire Council, Donald Harris of the Council of the City of Botany Bay, Jeffrey Duncum, Edwin Roger Martin, Christopher Myers and Robert Nies of the Council of the City of Sydney, Steven McMurtrie and Lee Warner of Lithgow City Council, Maxwell Bancroft and Amjad Maaya of Liverpool City Council, Mathew Kelly of Narrandera Shire Council, Peter Evans and Peter Lewis of Orange City Council, Phillip Burnie of the Roads and Traffic Authority, Mark Ward of Walgett Shire Council, Scott Ingwersen and Peter Naidoo of Waverley Council, and Kerry Smith of Yass Valley Council.

The ICAC found that the following people engaged in corrupt conduct through their involvement in offering gifts and benefits to public officials as an inducement for those officials to continue placing orders with their companies: Eron Fisher, Richard Pearce, Douglas Quinn and Martin Slade of Hilindi Pty Ltd, Ronald Butow, Paul Goldin, Ellis Kahn, Mark Moskow and Jody Parker of Momar Australia Pty Ltd, Gary Blackford, Robert Epps, Peter La-Vite, Sri Ramachandran and Jacqueline Verdeyen of NCH Australia Pty Ltd, and John Morgan of Universal Cartridges Pty Ltd.

The ICAC found that Geoffrey Hadley, Robin Newman, Kerry Smith, Michael Stokes and Paul Wright engaged in corrupt conduct in relation to false invoices issued to Bathurst Regional Council and/or Yass Valley Council.