Recommendations for corruption prevention

The Commission has made four corruption prevention recommendations as follows:

Recommendation 1

That the Rural Fire Service (RFS), where possible, strengthens its logistics capabilities and modifies its procurement practices to reflect an overall logistics focus.


Recommendation 2

That the RFS continues to seek methods of integrating the Systems, Applications and Protocols (SAP) system and emergency manual controls in a way that does not impede speed and flexibility.


Recommendation 3

That all inventory relating to consumables held by the RFS be recorded as assets with their full value.


Recommendation 4

That consumables held in RFS inventory are expensed only when they leave inventory for a specific event or activity or because they have expired.

Response to ICAC recommendations

The action plan and report posted below have been provided by the NSW Rural Fire Service in response to the ICAC's corruption prevention recommendations. Their publication here is to show the status of the response. It does not constitute approval or endorsement by the Commission.

Action plan

12 month progress report

24 month progress report