Recommendations for corruption prevention

The Commission has made seven corruption prevention recommendations as follows:

Recommendation 1

That the Mine Subsidence Board (MSB) strengthens its organisational capability to fulfil its obligations, including:

  • securing the optimum staffing levels and staff with appropriate skills
  • formalising service-level agreements
  • generating meaningful data for the purposes of analysis and reporting to the MSB
  • improving internal and external auditing arrangements
  • tightening the accounts payable system.

Recommendation 2

That the MSB builds controls into the claims and tendering processes to restrict a single user having end-to-end control and exceeding expenditure delegations.

Recommendation 3

That the MSB segregates the process and staff involved in estimating the costs of works, the allocation of contractors to undertake the works and the process of evaluating the delivery of works.

Recommendation 4

That the MSB agrees a threshold of delegated approvals and/or price for the whole-of-job remedial repairs, so that when the original scope and variations increase beyond a percentage of the agreed delegation or price, the matter is escalated for management review and approval.

Recommendation 5

That the MSB includes benchmarking as a method of better practice to verify the estimated costs of remedial work.

Recommendation 6

That the MSB routinely assesses the risk of contractor favouritism and takes steps to minimise those risks.

Recommendation 7

That the MSB takes steps to ensure increased transparency in undertaking remedial works, including the periodic assessment of the performance of contractors and value for money of work performed. Such matters are to be taken into account when determining the selection of future contractors.


Response to ICAC recommendations

The action plan and report posted below have been provided by the Mine Subsidence Board in response to the ICAC's corruption prevention recommendations. Their publication here is to show the status of the response. It does not constitute approval or endorsement by the Commission.

Plan of action

Final report