Recommendations for corruption prevention

The Commission has made the following six corruption prevention recommendations to the NSW Department of Justice to help it prevent the recurrence of the behaviour that was examined in this investigation.

Recommendation 1

That the NSW Department of Justice ensures that the implementation of its upcoming program of capital works contains a mechanism to periodically review the program to ensure that its projects remain consistent with its business strategy and operating environment.

Recommendation 2

That the Department of Justice finalises its restructure of Asset Management Services as a priority and recruits staff to permanently fill the associated positions.

Recommendation 3

That the Department of Justice completes the implementation of its proposed electronic document and records management system.

Recommendation 4

That the Department of Justice develops a framework for governing its procurement activities that:

• assigns governance roles and responsibilities for different types of procurement, such as goods and services procurement and construction procurement

• has mechanisms to detect non-compliance with procedural controls, such as the mandated use of pre-qualified suppliers.

Recommendation 5

That, when developing its procurement governance framework, the Department of Justice reviews its resourcing of procurement governance to ensure that this resourcing is sufficient to successfully fulfil the associated procurement governance roles and responsibilities.

Recommendation 6

That, as part of the implementation of its new enterprise resource planning system, the Department of Justice reviews its procure-to-pay processes to ensure that:

• there is scrutiny around the creation of new vendors, especially if they are newly established companies

• system controls are designed to make certain an individual who certifies performance of service is familiar with the work in question.


Response to ICAC recommendations

The action plan posted below has been provided by the NSW Department of Justice in response to the ICAC's corruption prevention recommendations. Its publication here is to show the status of the response. It does not constitute approval or endorsement by the Commission.

Action plan - 12 month progress report

Action plan