Recommendations for corruption prevention

The Commission has made the following 15 corruption prevention recommendations to improve the regulatory response and to address other issues and concerns raised in this investigation.

Recommendation 1

That the Western Sydney Regional Illegal Dumping Squad (WS RIDS) Management Committee restructures reporting arrangements within the WS RIDS to ensure that field officers report to a single manager who is responsible for overseeing their actions and approving key enforcement decisions.

Recommendation 2

That the WS RIDS Management Committee ensures field officers are rotated between member councils on a periodic basis to avoid the building of inappropriate relationships with members of the community.

Recommendation 3

That the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) strengthens its involvement in the WS RIDS Management Committee to ensure it properly directs and oversees the WS RIDS’s strategic and operational performance.

Recommendation 4

That the EPA strengthens the WS RIDS’s Funding Agreement to include additional specifications consistent with regulatory good practice, such as evaluating regulatory performance against strategic outcomes.

Recommendation 5

That the EPA strengthens and mandates the technical training of WS RIDS officers to ensure that all officers carry out compliant and effective regulatory activity.

Recommendation 6

That the EPA, in partnership with the host council, reviews WS RIDS position descriptions to ensure they reflect the skills and personal attributes necessary to be an effective RIDS manager or field officer.

Recommendation 7

That the EPA develops a case management system to be used by all RIDSs that will also support compliant processes, allow in-built approval levels for key decisions and provide metrics to improve oversight of the WS RIDS.

Recommendation 8

That the EPA works with relevant stakeholders to develop a scheme whereby sites where asbestos is present can be certified and information provided to the relevant local council for inclusion in a register of such sites.

Recommendation 9

That the EPA works with relevant government agencies to explore ways to improve and link DA processes and conditions of consent relating to the handling, transport and disposal of waste from construction and demolition sites.

Recommendation 10

That the EPA explores ways to reduce tipping fees for those who dump asbestos loads at licensed landfills.

Recommendation 11

That the EPA strengthens its regulatory response to illegal dumping by developing a suite of approaches to incentivise proper asbestos waste disposal.

Recommendation 12

That the EPA develops clear guidelines to ensure that confusion regarding the application of waste disposal laws is eliminated.

Recommendation 13

That the NSW Government considers enacting a specific and serious standalone offence for the disposal of asbestos waste.

Recommendation 14

That the NSW Government gives consideration to the establishment of a single coordinating authority, with appropriate regulatory powers and funding, that has statutory responsibility for overseeing all asbestos waste matters in NSW.

Recommendation 15

That Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities (HACA) continues to act as an executive committee to any newly-created coordinating authority.

Response to ICAC recommendations

The action plans posted below have been provided by the Environmental Protection Authority, NSW Government and Penrith City Council in response to the ICAC's corruption prevention recommendations. Their publication here is to show the status of the responses. It does not constitute approval or endorsement by the Commission.

Action plan - 12 month progress report - Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)

Action plan - Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)

Action plan - NSW Government

Action plan and final report - Penrith City Council