This workshop is designed specifically for the top decision-makers in an organisation from secretary/CEO down to senior managers who have operational responsibility for work areas with significant risk for corruption and the ability to make or influence significant change.

Workshop content:

The workshop uncovers some of the reasons why corrupt conduct continues to occur despite considerable efforts to prevent it. The workshop will assist executives and senior managers to make fuller use of the control inherent in well-designed and managed operational arrangements. This engaging workshop is underpinned by sound theoretical frameworks and includes case studies and practical activities.

The topics normally included in a full-day workshop are:

  • the key elements of the control environment
  • the control inherent in tight operational arrangements
  • the role of incentives in motivating and preventing corruption
  • the effects of equity, entitlement and group culture on corruption
  • the impacts of organisational structures and boundaries on opportunities for corruption
  • process design, measurement and management
  • information integrity, decision location and accountability.

Who should attend?

  • Cluster secretaries
  • CEOs and general managers
  • SES and senior managers
  • Local government general managers and executive and senior management teams.


This workshop is normally conducted over a full day, but can be lengthened or shortened to satisfy the needs and availability of participants.


Given that each organisation has a different focus and issues, this workshop will be customised to meet the needs of agencies where possible.

Enrolments, enquiries and contact details:

For more information or to book an in-house session, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone the ICAC training and development team on 02 8281 5729.